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How Businesses can thrive during Covid-19 Pandemic?

With Covid-19 pandemic and its economic effects arising around the world, learn How companies and institutions globally can thrive and survive the implications, economic challenges and supply chain fluctuations.

Since the virus began spreading around the world, governments and agencies have taken precautionary measures to limit its spread. One of these sensitive measures is the closure of shops, companies, institutions, exhibitions, trade fares, business meetings, events and a lot of business activities that has disrupted direct communication between companies and institutions around the world.

This created great doubts about business continuity. However, to spread the positive vibes in the market Ministry of Communication in Saudi Arabia has launched a #hashtag on twitter and social media about digital transformation, to encourage the society to utilize technology to meet their immediate needs during this pandemic.

That’s great! But there is a question still on the minds of business owners, entrepreneurs and the private sector, what are the technical solutions that exist to help companies and institutions thrive and ensures continuity of their work during this pandemic and at the lowest costs?

The solution to help these companies and institutions thrive and continue their activities during this pandemic already exists, and it is considered the only solution to this crisis and its value has now appeared more than before.

The solution is to head to digital marketplace, which helps bring suppliers and buyers from all over the world together in an integrated platform to face these challenges with ease.

Why is B2B Marketplaces considered the best solution to overcome this pandemic?

  • Through B2B e-commerce, you can do business at a lower operation cost, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.

  • As a buyer, you will be able to reach all your needs from all over the world, not just locally.

  • As a Seller you will be able to acquire customers much faster and with a much lower customer acquisition cost.

But with all these benefits, why most companies still don't utilize B2B e-commerce platforms?

  • Some have concerns that their business information is not completely secure on e-commerce platforms.

  • While others can’t afford to subscribe to these platforms.

  • Others also, heard about B2B e-commerce and its benefits but they are not enthusiastic enough to know more.

How can e-Procure B2B Blockchain Platform help companies thrive?

At e-Procure, we are pleased to meet the requirements and immediate business needs of companies and institutions locally and globally through an integrated digital marketplace for B2B e-commerce, which brings together hundreds of buyers, suppliers, service providers and freelance business experts in one platform with a free, secure and easy online experience.

How will e-Procure Enable Business Buyers?

e-Procure will enable business buyers locally and globally during covid-19 pandemic by offering a completely free procurement solutions to manage their company procurement, spending, RFP, RFI, RFQ and much more!

How Will e-Procure Enable Business Sellers?

e-Procure will enable business sellers locally and globally during covid-19 pandemic by offering a completely free B2B sales solutions to manage their company sales, proposals, catalogue and much more!

Learn more about our Integrated B2B Sales Solutions

How Will e-Procure Enable Business Experts?

e-Procure will enable business experts locally and globally during covid-19 pandemic by offering a completely free freelance solutions to manage their work remotely, increase their income and much more!


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